Hey guys! Does anyone wanna submit any confessions?

Xx. Emily

Feb 03 - 2 months ago -
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justbandsbreakinghearts asked: am i the only one who didn't know josh has a girlfriend?

I didn’t know either until it was mentioned on this blog.

Xx. Emily

Jan 26 - 2 months ago -
Anonymous asked: This is more of a story... But anyway last year at a gig I met them and I gave Jaymi a note I wrote with my twitter name. But however, when I was on the way home I realised it was the wrong one I had given him... I gave him a creepy one I wrote for a laugh when I was bored on the train there help me

oh goodness! well hopefully he liked it anyway!!!! 

Jan 24 - 2 months ago - 2 notes
Anonymous asked: This isn't really a confession but how is something obvious like "they make me happy" a confession? Personally, I don't believe that it's a true confession and I think some people do it just to see their words on other people's dash. I've ran a blog similar to this before and confessions like those are a waste of space. I'm not shooting down the other confessions that are like that, I'm like UJ makes them happy. But it's obvious and doesn't need to be sent in to a confession blog

you felt the need to tell me this because?????????

Jan 21 - 2 months ago -
Anonymous asked: I want George to be my first kiss!

george doesn’t have time for those virgin lips

Jan 19 - 3 months ago - 1 note
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